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Monday, April 11th, 2011


The media constantly bombards us with the latest new “filler” which will create a facelift result with a needle. Oh really?

Let’s think about that…. If you tried on a dress that was too big  one answer is to gain enough weight to fill the dress. I would doubt that you would make that choice. Obviously, the answer is to tailor out the excess material until the dress fits your underlying shape. The same is true with faces. If there is too much loose skin in a face, the answer is not to blow up the face until the skin is tight.

The second fallicy is that fillers  somehow “lift”. Fillers fill – they do not lift. When facial tissues fall with laxity, adding volume merely accentuates the drop. Clever marketing uses familiar medical terms in situations in which they do not apply. Regardless of the filler (hyaluronic acids, Sculptra, Radiesse, plasma) or the proposed biologic benefit ( collagen stimulation, growth factors, etc) there is no magic. The correction for tissue descent is repositioning. Only surgery can do that.

Injectables do have a useful role, for subtle refinement – particularly folds around the mouth and lips in small volumes. But they are only one piece of the puzzle.

With all manner of people, physicians and others, getting into the cosmetic surgery and dermatology market, it is buyer beware. The media messages claim less is more, and new is better . Less is never more; new is often unproven.

If you only have a hammer, all the world becomes a nail. When you only have a needle all the world needs injected!