Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty) Dallas

The nose occupies the center of the face. As such, its shape is vital to a beautiful face. Both function as well as contour must be evaluated.

As the result of trauma (often unrecognized at the time), the internal and external structures can be damaged and displaced. Displacement of the internal partition (deviated nasal septum) may affect breathing as well as cause the nose to be externally deflected to one side. Surgical procedures can help open the airway and restore alignment of the nose.

The external shape of the non-injured nose is genetically determined. The nose is actually a collection of separate small tile-like structures of bone and cartilage. These “skeletal” elements impart shape to the overlying skin, similar to tent poles shaping a tent. Cosmetic rhinoplasty involves re-shaping and repositioning the bone and cartilage tiles, allowing the overlying skin to re-drape. Skin incisions are usually minimal. An external splint is usually needed for a few days.

The procedure can be performed in our surgicenter. A small cast is usually worn for 5 days.

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