Neck Correction Dallas

The shape of the neck varies greatly among individuals. Some people have long thin necks; some have short thick necks. Neck contour is influenced by skin, underlying fat, neck muscle tone and skeletal form.

In young patients with firm skin and neck muscles, liposuction alone may be effective.

However, in middle aged patients correction of the lax skin and muscles is necessary to achieve improvement.

Isolated correction of the neck often seems to be desirable, since neck laxity may be the most noticeable part of facial aging. However, neck laxity is most often associated with laxity in the cheeks. In such a case, it is usually preferable to correct all areas simultaneously to preserve a natural, “harmony” in the face.

In thin aging necks, prominent muscle bands are the most prominent feature. Both muscle tightening and skin re-draping are necessary.

In full necks, fat removal, muscle tightening as well as skin re-draping is necessary.

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