Forehead Lift (Browlift) Dallas

Often the earliest changes of aging occur in the forehead. The arch of the eyebrow frames the eye. Brow shape and position have a major influence upon beauty and expression.

Descent of the brows first occurs over the outside corner of the eye, causing “hooding”. With more descent, the brow encroaches on the upper eyelid, creating a sad angry appearance.

Forehead wrinkling is another aging sign. The small muscles of expression can create unwanted creasing across the forehead and between the brows.

Surgical correction of the aging forehead can be done through three approaches. In patients with low hairlines, either an endoscopic (limited intermittent small incisions) or a bicoronal (full incision behind the hairline) incision can be used. The endoscopic technique has less incisions, but also has less permanence of correction. Both procedures slightly raise the hairline. Patients with already elevated hairlines often benefit from an incision at the hairline. The beveled incision allows subsequent regrowth of hair through the incision line, making the eventual scar barely noticeable.

The procedure can be performed in our surgicenter. An overnight stay is recommended. Normal activities can be resumed in 10 to 14 days.

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