Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Dallas

Excess skin or puffiness in the eyelids is a common early sign of aging. When people speak to each other, they look into each other’s eyes. Attractive, youthful eyes are, therefore, one of the most important elements of looking good.

Excess skin in the upper lids is significantly influenced by brow position. Therefore, the upper eyelid and brow must be evaluated together. Removal of upper lid skin is done via an incision in the fold above the lid margin.

The lower eyelid is more complex than the upper eyelid. Aging changes may be due to skin laxity, fat bulging, underlying muscle looseness or a combination of those elements. Occasionally, bulging fat can be corrected from inside the lower eyelid, avoiding any external incision. More commonly, correction involves a skin incision just below the lashes.

Overall, eyelid skin heals extremely well, so that incisions should not be noticeable.

The procedure can be performed in our surgicenter. Normal activities can be resumed in 5 to 14 days.

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