Breast Reduction Dallas

Large breasts can cause difficulty in sizing clothing or limit athletic activities. In extreme cases, the weight of the breasts can lead to arthritis in the neck and back vertebrae.

The procedure to reduce breast size involves separating the skin from the gland and nipple, removing a portion of the gland and skin, the re-draping the skin around the nipple and gland. Contrary to common belief, the nipple is not usually removed, but rather it is left attached to the underlying breast tissue.

The pattern and extent of the incisional scars depends upon the degree of correction required. In milder cases, only an incision around the areola (pigmented nipple skin) may suffice. More advanced reshaping may require a vertical incision in the lower breast and an incision under the breast (“anchor” or “lollipop” pattern).

After glandular reduction, reshaping of the remaining breast (similar to a breast lift or mastopexy) is an essential part of the procedure.

The procedure can be performed in our surgicenter. An overnight stay is recommended. Normal activities can be resumed in 10 to 14 days.

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