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Why Do Breast Implants Get Hard?

Monday, August 29th, 2011


The body recognizes the insertion of any substance that is not a genetic match to normal tissue. The response is to wall off (isolate with a capsule) the foreign substance with scar tissue. The personality of scar is to contract to isolate and secure the foreign substance.

Of all the soft substances that can be placed to mimic breast tissue, the best tolerated is silicone. But even silicone is recognize as foreign. Within four days of insertion, the body forms a scar “capsule” around any silicone implant. Normally, the capsule remains loose, and is never noticeable. However, when scar tightens around a breast implant, it is called “capsular contracture”.

The implant does not get hard. When removed, it feels normal. On the contrary, the breast feels hard because of scar tightening around the implant. The process is not dangerous, but it compromises the naturalness of the breast.